Paleontological and Prehistoric Museum of Sant'Anna d'Alfaedo

A museum where admire fossil finds dating back to millions of years ago and prehistoric artefacts from the Paleolithic, Neolithic and Iron Age.

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The Paleontological and Prehistoric Museum of Sant’ Anna D’Alfaedo, inaugurated in 1998, documents the paleontological history and the first human evidence of the Western Lessini Mountains. In the exhibit of the Museum we can admire fossil remains dating back to several million years ago and examples of prehistoric art and manufacture, dating back to the Stone Age and the Iron Age. It is a unique opportunity to observe and appreciate the intimate connections linking the inhabitants to this area.


Already in 1961 the Sant'Anna d'Alfaedo Municipality hosted a small museum consist ing of a single room on the ground floor of the Town Hall. At the time, prehistoric and fossil exhibits were displayed in a non - organic manner. In 1998, the Museum moved to its present location, consisting of a ground floor and a first floor. The scientific project was supervised by Dr. Lorenzo Sorbini and technicians from the Natural History Museum of Verona. In the new premises, the Museum was enriched with new artefacts of great archaeological value, also thanks to quarrymen Gino Cabrusà and Riccardo Bortolotti. In addition, a number of artefacts saved from quarrying and earthworks have been brought here thanks to the interest of Don Alberto Benedetti. On the up per floor, a room has recently been set aside for teaching purposes, where a hut and reproductions of artefacts have been built. Painting, clay working, archery and flint chipping workshops are held in this room.


The museum is dedicated to the memory of Don Alberto Benedetti, a profound scholar of the nature of the Lessini Mountains. He was born in Ceredo di Sant'Anna d'Alfaedo on 28 April 1911. His earliest memories are of hunger, war and above all the departure of his father for the Americas in search of work; he is only three years old, but this episode will mark his existence. His father's enthusiastic description of the work of Father Bonomelli's missionaries in favour of emigrants convinced him of his intention to become a missionary. After completing his primary studies with the help of local priests, he attended high school and theology at the seminary and was ordained as a priest in 1935. On 8 February 1944, the bombing of the Seminary, where he had happily lived, the destruction of the Library, where he had spent unforgettable days of study, and the death under the bombs of the Rector, to whom he was bound by deep friendship and esteem, made him lose faith in the progress of humanity and in the proclaimed values of Science, Civilisation and Morality. He became a complete anarchist, without ever betraying his vocation as a priest. Retreating to his native country, he set aside the idea of becoming a missionary for emigrants, but only to try to solve the problem at its source: to prevent emigration, educating men to become intimately free and therefore autonomous, rationally exploiting local resources, opposing the procurers of overt and covert slavery. His studies and research, his example and his commitment are always aimed at th e liberation of man from all forms of slavery and the enhancement of the environment in which he lives.


Sant’Anna d ’Alfaedo is a nice village placed in the western Lessini Mountains, at 930 m a.s.l. It can be reach ed from Verona, passing through the Valpolicella valley, worldwide famous for its winery fields, or from Trentino across the Peri village in the Adige Valley. Around Sant’Anna d ’Alfaedo there are many interesting places to visit, like the natural stone bridge of “Ponte di Veja”, the beautiful village of Molina with the nearby waterfall park, and the Corno d’Aquilio mountain with the entrance of Spluga della Preta Abyss, several farms and typical ancient house called “Contrade”.

About Us

Benetticeras APS Cultural Association

The Association was founded in June 1997 by the will of the Attilio Benetti with the original name of Association Fossils Museum of Lessinia. Attilio Benetti was an internationally recognized researcher and curator of the collection that constitutes the current Geopaleontological Museum of Camposilvano
The Association aims at the preservation and promotion of museums and natural sites of geo logical, paleontological, prehistoric interest of Lessinia and Veneto. It started its activity with the development and management of the Geopaleontological Museum of Camposilvano and of the Covolo Cave, a didactic structure founded by Attilio Benetti in 1997. Since then it has carried out initiatives of safeguard, promotion and research of the geological heritage, in collaboration with the Regional Authority Park of Lessinia (Ente Parco Regionale della Lessinia) and the municipalities of the area, also through the management of other sites and museums, such as the Paleontological and Prehistoric Museum of Sant'Anna d'Alfaedo. Since 2020, the association has started a new path to expand its field of action, starting to become APS (Associazione di Promozione Sociale, Association for Social Promotion) and changing its name to Associazione Culturale Benetticeras ( Cultural Association Benetticeras, denomination in force since December 18, 2020 with the approval of a new statute). The new name of the Association is inspired by the deceased founding member Attilio Benetti (1923-2013), who was engaged in all fields of research and promotion of the cultural and environmental heritage of Lessinia, from Geology to Natural Sciences, History, traditions. The new species of ammonite named after him, "Benetticeras", symbolically represents the 360° interest, the spiritual testament and the heritage that he passed on to us and that the Association is committed to enhance and increase towards both the inhabitants of Lessinia, tourists and hikers.

Our Goals

To preserve, promote and manage the Museums of Lessinia
To carry out and promote studies in the field of naturalistic, geological, paleontological, prehistoric, speleological, landscaped, anthropological and historical research
To sensitize the public, and especially young people, to the enhancement and protection of cultural, naturalistic, geological, paleontological, prehistoric, speleological, landscape, anthropological, historical heritage of Lessinia
To promote scientific and cultural initiatives and activities to safeguard the natural, environmental, historical and cultural heritage in order to enhance the association's aims
To promote and coordinate cultural initiatives (conventions, trips, excursions, shows, cultural events, recreational activities, exhibitions, support and supervision of degree theses, etc.) that best serve the promotion of museum and cultural heritage of Lessinia
To produce didactic, promotional, technical and scientific editorial material related to the museums and culture of Lessinia
To organize events to promote the museums and cultural conferences on Lessinia
To promote, conserve, and manage tourist visits in the museum structures, educational rooms, and excursions to sites of naturalistic, landscaped and historical interest
To participate in conferences and events of scientific and divulgative nature
To collaborate with other associations with common purposes



  • From the 19th of June to the first week of September we are open on Saturday and Sunday 10:00-13:00/15:00-18:00.
  • Special openings on request for groups and scholars though all the year.
347-2510121 or 388-1791285

Where to find us

Piazza dalla Bona Sant'Anna d'Alfaedo (VR)


Camposilvano Museum
Cammino 7 vulcani
Grotta del monte Capriolo